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The art of PiperMâché for websites

, it's often confused with PaperMâché.

Although PiperMâché is a custom website design studio located in Madison, AL, it’s often confused with the art of PaperMâché.

PaperMâché which the The Merriam Webster defines as a light strong molding material of wastepaper pulped with glue and other additives. While the nature of both art forms is very different, the process can be somewhat similar.

The origin of the name PiperMâché

The name PiperMâché originally came from a conversation I, Juliana Piper, had with my son when we were trying to find a name for this online sticker store. We were trying to use our last name (Piper) and paper sounds a lot like Piper. I used to make PaperMâché sculptures with my mom when I was a child. We create things to add to my dollhouse (which was a big refrigerator card box). We made bowls, pencil holders and recycled papers with dried flowers.

I was looking forward to making news memories with my son, and decided on the name soon after I read about the meaning of PaperMâché. I thought it exemplified exactly what I think a good business is made of; a collection of experiences attached by some really good glue that molds it into something beautiful and useful.

I hope I get to represent the name PiperMâché well by leading a company that is light to navigate, holds a strong focus on friendly customer service, bundled with many lessons from busines school, digital marketing experiences, years of hustle as a business owner, combined with a strong glue from my desire to see you succeed and support the vision you have for your business. I hope I get to mold all of that into a beautiful artistic piece that makes a difference in the lives of people your business impact, for years to come.

More about who transformed PiperMâché into Art

I am Juliana Piper, and if we haven’t met yet I am a mom and a wife living in Madison, AL. I am a dreamer and a doer! I arrived in the US over 20 years ago with pocket money and didn’t know a single soul.

Having a big vision and making it happen out of little resources and a lot of grit is not a new concept to me.

Since graduating in business school, I’ve immersed myself into various digital business, from a successful online clothing boutique, to podcast host, to masterclasses, to digital marketing consulting, to Etsy shops, you name it. I’ve tried it all. Some had returns, some had invaluable lessons. Even tough I had to use my creativity with most of them, I was missing getting my hands dirty. I wanted to be able to create something tangible that had immediate impact for a business. Using my creativity to create beautiful visuals and having autonomy over my schedule is just icing on the cake.

My favorite part of creating a web design is to navigate through your customer’s mind and create a path of visual experiences for them.

I hope you you give the art of PiperMâché a try as I would love to help enhance your online presence and impact.

Have you tried making anything with PaperMâché? If you are a tactile person and don’t mind messes, I definitely recommend.

PiperMâché is a custom website design studio located in Madison, AL

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