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Create a personal ID Card for your Ideal Client

Ideal Client Avatar


Everybody is talking about Ideal Customer Avatar, but is that really going to help me decide who to create content for?

I get it, I had a hard time imagining who I was serving when I started my business because at the time I wasn’t serving anyone. It was just an idea in my head, and honestly if anyone would buy my product I would be happy.

I know everyone and they mother told you already, but I am going to say it again. Knowing exactly the type of person who needs your product/service will highly help nail down your communication and attract the right client.

So let me help you take step by step on defining who that is.

What is an ICA?

First, we will start with the definitions. We call the person who you make your product/service for your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) Cool, right?

That’s the person you know is looking for what you offer even before they know it exists.

Why is it important to know your ICA?

Reason 1: Use of correct language. It is extremely important to know your ICA because so that you can use the correct language to talk about your product/service. For example, you wouldn’t sell candy to a child with the same language as you would sell it to a grown person. 

Reason 2:  Use of correct platform. Once you know your ICA, you will need to understand where they are. So let’s say you are a physical therapist, you would need to find a community that has a higher probability of getting injured. For example, athletes. Or if you sell insurance to retired people, you would need to know where they spend their time, I can tell is probably not on TikTok.

I know what you are thinking already. But what if I can also serve other people other than my ICA?

Let’s take Sandy’s example. She sells fancy maternity nightgowns for moms to wear at the hospital right after having a baby.

Her ICA? Pregnant women within a social economic bracket.

Does that mean Sandy won’t be able to sell nightgowns to the dads, or grandparents looking for a gift? No!

That just means that it is easier and more efficient to talk directly to Sally then everybody else. Imagine advertising your nightgowns at the Sports Club for man? Bad idea, right? But how about a maternity class? See how much easier it gets when you talk to the correct audience?

When you know your ICA, you will save your time and efforts because it is more likely that you will have a polished message. And know exactly how to reach them.

How to find your ICA. 

If you have an idea for a product, it is probably because you wanted or needed that at some point. Very often, we are our own ICA. So it’s okay for you to have someone like you being your ICA. 

There are some important data that you will want to define before you create your product/service.

Here’s where things get to be fun! I created a fun Personal Identification Card for your ICA. You can download it here.

Your ICA Personal Identification Card

Fill out the Personal Identification Card  to nail down all the details

Once you define your ICA, you can do a better job marketing to the right people, instead of wasting time pitching to the wrong crowd. If your ICA changes along the way, that’s okay too, just fill out the card again.

Was this helpful?

Did thinking more in depth about your ideal customer helped you understand how you can better communicate with them? This is the first step I walk my clients through before they define their branding. It’s very important to have clear communication with your ideal customer if you want to see results.

I help small business like you create their ideal website every day. Finding your customer avatar is one small piece of the work I do at PiperMache when I am helping another business owners develop their branding so that we can create the most efficient website for their business.

If I can help you define your ideal customer and build a website that speaks to them, contact me here.

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