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I love to continually serve my clients and help them grow online. Here is a list of my most popular services, but please contact me if you don't see something you need. 

I offer website maintenance services on a retainer basis, providing clients with flexibility and convenience. With my retainer service, clients can purchase a set of hours and utilize them as needed. The hours do not expire, and I simply re-invoice when they run out. This allows clients to have peace of mind knowing that their website will receive timely updates and support whenever they require it. Whether it's adding new content, updating images, or implementing design changes, I am here to ensure their website remains up-to-date and optimized for optimal performance.

maintenance by retainer

Retainer Packages:

- 1 hour package for $150
- 3 hours package for $300

I offer branding packages as an add-on to your website services. This package includes essential elements such as brand identity, logo design, ideal customer avatar, and marketing materials. With my expertise, we can create a cohesive and impactful brand that resonates with your target audience. This service starts at just $750, providing exceptional value for a complete branding solution. Let's elevate your brand and set the stage for a stunning website that truly reflects their unique identity.

Custom branding

starts at just $750

I offer Showit Website Page Add-ons to enhance your current website. Each additional page starts at $150, and it depends on the complexity. With my expertise, I can create a customized page that seamlessly integrates with your existing website while keeping your branding consistent. Whether you need a new category blog page, a portfolio showcase, or any other specific page, I will design it strategically to align with your goals. Let's elevate your website's functionality and aesthetics with a tailored page that enhances your overall online presence.

Add-on Pages

Add-on Pages starts at $150

I offer mobile website optimization starting at $250, where I customize your Showit mobile view to be user-friendly and visually appealing on different phone screen sizes, incorporating UX/UI principles and image optimization.

Mobile Optimization

starts at just $250

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I offer a personalized approach to each of my clients. My goal is to make sure you are empowered by your web design experience and armed with a website that works as hard as you do.  Over the years I've developed an easy process for collaboration so your project is as easy as answering an email.

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