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Hi! I am Juliana Piper, the one behind Piper Mache designs. I am a mom of two - one of each kind. We live in Alabama with our 2 dogs. Throughout the years, I've collected many things I made for my kids. Most of them was because I forgot about a holiday or a important date (thanks ADHD). I wanted to figure out a way to avoid redoing things. That's when I thought of opening an Etsy shop to gather all my designs in one place and share with other parents who might need it too.

I truly enjoy making pretty things, and seeing it come to life. I hope you will join the family by subscribing to the newsletter and let me share my creations with you. I only have time and patience (thanks ADHD) to write one email a month, so no need to worry about being spammed. ;-) If you do want to receive update as soon as a new item has been post, just make my Etsy shop your favorites by visiting my Etsy store


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