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#givingtuesday: Organizations My Small Business is Supporting in 2023

donating as a small business

In the spirit of #givingtuesday I wanted to announce the organizations I will be supporting in 2023 as a small business.

First, let me explain what #givingtuesday is:

GivingTuesday is a global movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world.

I can’t think of a better day to set a plan for donations, so today I wanted to share the organizations I have selected to help financially in 2023;

Thyca (Thyroid Cancer Association)

I am not sure this organization will ever get out of my list. They were so monumental to me when I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer that I will be forever grateful to them. They have support groups nationwide, events and so much resource on Thryroid Cancer. I am selecting Thyca as one of three organizations I will be donating financially in 2023 for their excellency in supporting the Thyroid Cancer community.

The Rafel Lucea Global Experiential Fund

Rafael Lucea was my professor in Business School, you can read more about his great professional accomplishments on their website but most importantly he was an extraordinary person. He took the time to get to know me as an individual, invested in my education by inviting me to be his research assistant and became a great friend. It’s my honor to continue his legacy of supporting MBA on the Consulting Abroad Project students to experience business globally. So, The Rafel Lucea Global Experiential Fund is the second entity I chose to receive my donations.

Fundacao de Lingua Portugesa de Madison

This Foundation is yet to be born, but as the founder of this organization that is going to open in near future, I would like to save up some seed fund. I plan on organizing summer classes for kids who want to learn Portuguese and eventually have a full time school in the area. So The Foundation is the last organization I am selecting to be part of my donation group of entities that will be benefiting from all the work I do this year.

How I am going to be donating money to each entity

My plan is to donate monthly quarterly, after I run my financial reports. As a website designer, funds and completion of projects don’t always come at the same time. So I need time to analyze my numbers for each quarter to be able to determine how much will be allocated for donation.

I will be splitting the total in 3, so each organization will get the same amount each time.

I am always excited to select the companies I want to contribute to. This is one aspect of business that I always look forward to.

Is your business contributing to causes that are important to you? Which ones? I would love to know your picks.

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