Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Showit Websites

Google 1st page, here I come!*

Not sure if your website is clear to your customers?

Is your website attracting the wrong kind of people?

Do you have a beautiful website but It doesn't even show up on Google Search?

SEO optimization can make your website work harder for you!

 the options:

2 weeks




Basic SEO Setup is a one-time service that is going to lay a strong foundation for search engine visibility and optimization. This is perfect if you build your own Showit website without any or little  SEO Optimization.

SEO innitial setup

one-time service

for Showit

Basic SEO Setup for Showit websites

Less details

The basic SEO setup for Showit websites includes the following:

1. Addition of the website to Google Analytics, allowing for comprehensive tracking and analysis of website traffic.
2. Submission of the website to Google for faster indexing, ensuring that the website is discovered and listed by search engines in a timely manner.
3. Addition of the website to Google Search Console, enabling further optimization and monitoring of the website's performance. Sitemaps are also added to facilitate search engine crawling.
4. Setting site preferences, such as choosing between the www or non-www version of the website, to establish a consistent and preferred domain format.

more details

Your website is ready to receive continued optimization. We will work together to identify keywords, draft a strategy and implement it.

Monthly Advanced SEO and Reporting

on-going services

 Package 1:  Maintain your performance ranking results. Perfect if you want to stay up to date with SEO and they take comfort in knowing that an SEO expert is reviewing the results and sharing insights with you each month.

Package 2: Steadily grow traffic in the months and years to come.  You value collaboration on content marketing as one of the core means of driving growth.

$199 monthly

Special: $125 for 6  months or $149 for 3 months

Special: $225 for 6  months or $249 for 3 months

$299 monthly

Compare the options:

Ongoing SEO Package includes:

Three primary components to an effective monthly SEO service:

Communication: This is the most important piece of a successful SEO effort. To be successful in SEO today, collaboration and feedback are required. A monthly phone call is a great way to ensure we are  on the same page.

Reporting: Each month I will deliver a summary of results and observations. This takes the form of an emailed report which combines your insights on Google Analytics data along with an overview of the action items that have been recently completed or are scheduled for the upcoming month.

Action Items* : These are the exact steps I take each month to drive results. Each month’s progress builds on previous months and ensures your SEO is ever-evolving and up to date. Content marketing collaboration is often a core component of the action items.
These components are then rolled into two different packages, each costing a different price, in order to give you choices of which monthly SEO service best fits your needs.

Less details

*3-4  action items are included monthly depending on your needs, some of the items are:
Technical SEO - Scanning and fixing broken links,  Fixing ‘page not found’ errors with 301 redirects, Speed optimization, Fixing mobile usability issues
Content -  Writing a blog post, Updating an existing page to include additional content types such as testimonials, Adding FAQs to top-level services or category pages, Adding introductory text to product category pages
On-Site Optimization  -  Taking a deeper dive into the customization of page titles and meta descriptions than was completed during the SEO Set-Up,  Updating alternative text across the media library, Updating top pages or posts to have more keyword-friendly headers.
Off-Site SEO  - Active management of the Google Maps listing,  Citation building,  Consulting and collaboration on link building

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Your website is ready but it needs the correct keywords to be found on Google? This SEO Boost will provide you a list of keywords that will help you rank better on Google.

SEO Boost

one-time service

2 - 3 weeks




SEO Boost Package includes:

Phase 1 - Identifying the players and right moves
Top 5-10 keywords researched and implemented
Advanced Meta, data, titles and descriptions customized and formatted
Keywords and optimized terms added to the content in the main pages of the website
Competition research
Site Submitted to Google Console and Search for quicker indexing.

Less details

Phase 2 - Making the moves and creating change
Page Title and Description Optimization
Content optimized (or created)
Headings and HTML structure optimized
Image optimization
Image files renamed
Alt text added
Existing pages/site linking

more details

Let's get started!


Questions? I got you!

* Can you guarantee that I will show up on Google Search 1st page?

Unfortunately, I don't get to manipulate the search results so I can't guarantee results. However, I can improve your organic traffic and keyword rankings over time.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

Keywords and online trends are constantly changing. According to a study done by NP Digital, 2 years is an optimal time to reach great results for a specific keyword.

No, I have worked with many different builders, so just send me a quick message and I will confirm if I can help you.

Do you only offer SEO services for websites on Showit?

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