I’m passionate about building wildly successful web designs for small business and solopreneurs. I pride myself in great customer service, and I like to make the process as easy as possible.

I'll help you create an online presence for your business with an impactful design that will create an enjoyable experience for your ideal customer helping your business grow.

While you sleep, your website can do the work for you.

meet Juliana piper 


what does a website designer do?

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in progress

in progress

I am 2 on the enneagram, basically a Labrador retriever. I care about your business the same way I care about mine.


If we don't have fun along the way, what's the point?


I believe we should be able to balance homelife and work life in a healthy way.


My Values

Chocolate is my favorite thing in the world. I once got a 5lbs chocolate bar for Christmas, and it was gone by March. It's definitely an issue. Do not take nutritional advice from me.

I was born in Jundiai, a town just outside of Sao Paulo - Brasil (yes you spell with S). 

I am very handy around the house, I've diy'ed upgrades in most rooms, painted all the walls, cabinets, and even got into some woodworking.

I love having ADHD, without it I wouldn't be able to listen to podcasts and audiobooks on 2x speed or think visually.

Facts, just for fun!

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