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Why I love Audio Books

I have always been a very slow reader, so I was always amazed at how people could just pick up a book and read it in a week. I love reading and learning and that’s why I love audio books so much! But a week was never enough time to keep my interest and still finish the story. I tried, I really did.

Never in my life have I been able to do that. Ever! My record was 3.5 weeks for the amazing Stephanie Meyer’s Vampire books, and that was only the first one in the collection. For those 3.5 weeks I couldn’t put the book down. Still, I had trouble reading any faster than that.

Then, audio books happened. They were very expensive, and my library options weren’t that great.

One day I gave Audible a try, and just like that I could finish a book in a weekend! A weekend! Now you see why I love Audio Books?

I became those people! I have been hooked in audio books because it works as fast as my attention spam can hold.If you are a slow reader like me, give audio books a try.

Audio Books

Why is Audio Book worth it?

But I haven’t told you the best part yet. The stories were not only entertaining but most of the time they were told by the author. The extra touch of connection is not available in my voice. It’s truly magical! Listening to Gary Vernerchk speak as fast as his mind works, or Oprah telling you what she knows for sure is like her TV show never ended.

Since joining Audible I have been reading on average, 1 book a week! Yes, see I am those people! And I love it. The amount of growth and knowledge that it has given me is priceless.

Yes, they do cost, and it’s like building your own library that you would never have the space for. But how much is worth being able to read a book a week? Compared to class or therapist (are you a self help book fan like me?) it’s not that much.

Try it for free!

Audible has a special offer that I can forward a free book to those trying it for the first time. If you see any book that you like in my personal library here, I will be glad to send it to you for free so you can also give audible a try.

It’s been an amazing ride! So much has changed because of my little audible addition and I am loving it. Feel free to check what’s on my digital shelf HERE. Let me know if you have any recommendations below in the comments or click here to contact me

Have fun!


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