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Re-purposing Melissa and Doug Containers

Can't Touch This Chalk Couture Transfer

Can't Touch This Chalk Couture Transfer

How about an idea for re-purposing your Melissa and Doug Containers? If you are like me, you have tons of Melissa & Doug beautiful wood puzzle containers that you just can’t throw away! Here’s my idea to re-purpose them as a beautiful piece for decorating your home.

I’ve been trying to make my house more organic by adding plants in most rooms. When I saw the new “Can’t Touch This” Chalk Couture I thought it would the perfect craft to pair with cactus, a few of the plants I can actually keep alive.

Can't Touch This Chalk Couture TransferHere is How:

1- Spray paint the container white. You don’t have to send or anything as they have a very smooth finish. I used a similar paint to this:

2- Created the ledge for the plants. I had purchased 3 small cactus so I knew the exact size of ledge I would need. Make sure your ledge length is the same as your re-purposed puzzle container.  I simple screwed two pieces of wood together. I then sanded and spray painted.

3- Apply transfer. When every thing is dry, you can then apply the Chalk Couture Transfer. If you are not familiar with how to use the transfers you can watch a how to video here. I used green color for the cactus, yellow color for details and pink for the flowers. You can purchase all colors and materials here. and voila! Your project is ready to be hang.

4- Hang it. I used a few small nails for the re-purposed Melissa & Doug puzzle container, and I screwed the ledge to the wall as it would be holding the cactus.

How does re-purposing your Melissa and Doug containers feel like? Now you can start decorating your house with all those Melissa and Doug containers that you’ve had hanging around for so long. A few tips, make sure you have your transfers not be crocked. Make sure your project is not in a place where it would get wet, I would consider this if you are placing it close to a tub.

I would love to see your project, come on over to my Chalk Community and share your ideas here. Contact me to order products.

Have fun!

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