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20 for 2020

20 para 2020

20 para 2020 podcast

Have you set your intentions for 2020 yet? I consider myself a work in progress and my goals haven’t changed much from last year. Even thou it feels like i didn’t make much progress in some areas, I have made huge leaps in others. and I plan on continue to make improvements in areas that have been top of mind to me since the beginning of times – going to the gym anyone?

anyones, just for fun on this new Podcast Episode, Ana (#narealcast co-host) and I have come up with our list for the next year and I am excited for you to have a listen.

here’s my list

download a pdf below of a quick 20 for 2020 so you can set up yourself for success in 2020 and don’t’ forget to hang it somewhere handy so you can be reminded all year.

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