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The Successful Momma Podcast: Inspiring Stories of Motherhood, Success, and Overcoming Challenges | Featuring Juliana Piper


Are you a mom looking for inspiration, motivation, and a good laugh? You should check out The Successful Momma Podcast hosted by Shannon Carothers. This past week, I was a guest on her podcast and had a great conversation about what I consider success as a momma. If you are ever interested in learning more details about my life before you met me, here’s where you can find out all the details. The conversation went so fluid that I forgot I was recording at the end.

In this podcast, Shannon shares the stories of moms who are redefining success and finding fulfillment in various aspects of their lives, all while navigating the beautiful yet challenging journey of motherhood.

You can listen to my podcast episode here:

‎The Successful Mama Podcast: 46 – crossing continents: from Brazil to the U.S., battling thyroid cancer, and embracing ADHD on Apple Podcasts

Some of the things we talked include details on how and why I moved to the United States with just $75 in my pocket as a teenager. I also shared my experience with Papillary Thyroid cancer diagnosis in my 20s, and my late 30s ADHD diagnosis. Both of which helped guide many important decisions in my life, including my current business PiperMache Website Studio and founding Madison Mompreneur.

Whether you’re a mom, a mom-to-be, or simply someone who appreciates uplifting stories, the Successful Momma Podcast is a must-listen. Let me know in the comments what you thought of our conversation and which fact about me was the most surprising as I would love to know.

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