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Showit-All Design Course from Rebel and Rise, Full Review

Showit course, Showit-All, full review

Ready to take your Showit knowledge to the next level? Let me share how I became a Showit expert with Showit-All.

While Showit is a very user-friendly, to create a truly unique website, it’s important to have a deeper understanding of the platform beyond the basics. I was once in your shoes, trying to piece together many Youtube videos to learn more about Showit, but it was taking way to long. Finally, I decided it was time to invest in myself and work more efficiently,

I am sharing my review and experience with Showit-All, the most comprehensive Showit Course I found. It is the perfect course for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the Showit platform, whether they’re designers, users, or simply interested in learning more.

My take on Showit-All in a few words

When Katie Harrington from Rebel and Rise says that her course Showit-All is the Most Comprehensive Showit Course in the Game, I can attest; it truly is! First, let me tell you about Katie – the Showit-whiz; she is the one doing all the tough development behind big-name Showit designers, so she really knows Showit inside and out.

Showit-All is a great investment for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of the Showit platform, whether they are designers, users, or simply interested in learning more. Students will receive a free comprehensive template to use and customize, personalized project review, as well as monthly live Q&A and bonus training with guest speakers.

Details about Showit-All

I don’t know if she realizes it, but Katie is an excellent educator. She breaks down all the steps into a Showit roadmap, making it easy to understand, in addition to providing simple steps to gradually build up your first project.

One of the perks of her course is the free template you will have access to; “Stevie” (view demo). Stevie is very comprehensive, and it includes about 10 pages ready for you to customize and practice on. You will find a well-designed pages such as: Homepage, About, Services, Portfolio, Contact, Instagram Links, Blog, Single Blog post, and Blog Category page. You can use this template to create your own website and/or a website to add to your portfolio.

My experience with Showit-All free template

I used the template to create my own website, which was probably one of the hardest websites for me to build because I kept on changing it a million times. I feel that’s a common pattern with website designers. See below my tips on how to avoid this pitfall. The upside is numerous opportunity to practice developing different parts of a website in various ways, which is great for learning, even if you get tired of looking at your own website by the end of it – you’ve been warned.

How is Showit-All structured?

Katie is always adding new training to the course, however, currently, there are 3 parts. Each part has different modules which includes a collection of short videos introducing you to a specific topic and providing opportunities to practice before progressing to the next one.

While taking the course, I was able to include the videos in my daily routine with easy as they were short. My favorite part was that I could immediately practice what I learned on the free template. It made easy to remember how to do things in addition to progressively working on my personal projects like my own website.

The course – Showit-All – is organized in 3 parts.

Part 1 of Showit-all course:

The first part is where you will learn the basics, and it includes 8 modules:

Module 1 – Setting your business up for sucess

Module 2 – Navigating the Back-end

Module 3 – Understanding Canvases and Pages

Module 4 – Loading & Customizing Brand-Specific Content

Module 5 – Making Your Site Stand Out

Module 6 – Blogging with WordPress

Module 7 – Getting More Traffic to Your Site with SEO

Module 8 – Going Live

Even though this is giving you a foundation of how to use Showit, I still refer back to some of the training videos when I come across an issue while developing my client’s website. You will learn plenty of shortcuts on how to efficiently develop a Showit website. By now, you should have the foundation of your personal website developed, in addition to a few project websites that are suggested by in the course.

Part 2 of Showit-All course:

Katie will show you how to make your website stand out with unique and situational design elements. You’ll learn how to add a podcast page, pop-ups, and much more. This part is where she will share tricks of the trade that will provide a much better user experience than basic website pages alone.

This part is the one I refer back to most often because it has all those tricky little things that you don’t use very often but eventually will need. The short videos make it easy to get a quick answer when you are struggling with a specific design element.

Part 3 of Showit-All course:

It’s all about the business babe! Here you will learn more about structuring your webdesign business and growing a successful one. While other educators mostly focus on this part of a website design business training, as you can see, Showit-All is very comprehensive and provides a deep understanding of the technical aspect, giving you access to all the how-to videos as you master your new skill before it even gets to the making “mola” part.

Part 3 is organized in 6 different modules:

module 1 – Setting Your Business Up for Success

module 2 – Pricing Your Services

module 3 – Getting Booked Out

module 4 – Setting Up A Template Shop

module 5 – Understanding Affiliate Marketing

module 6 – Developing Showit Sites From Mockups

Showit-All bonuses:

Facebook group: In addition to the course, you will get a lot of support including a Facebook group (6 months of access). Most of the time, I can get a quicker answer on the group than if I asked Showit support, so it has really helped me at times when I was in a pickle.

Website review: A lot of courses I’ve taken in the past only had peer reviews, but what I loved about Katie’s course is that she will personally review your project and give you feedback as well as instruction on any technical difficulties (again Showit-whizz).

Long-term support: There are monthly live Q&A and bonus training with guest speakers that are out of this world! She is readily available and super helpful at the monthly Q&As, so I feel that I always have access to support on any of my projects, not just the practice ones.

New bonuses sometimes are added, so check Rebel and Rise website for the latest information.

My favorite part of Showit-All course

Remember I’ve mentioned Katie works directly with many big-name Showit designers? Well, guess what? She invites them to the party and, they spill all their secrets! You can check the names for yourself, but some of my favorite trainings were from guest speakers. You will have access to the behind-the-scenes from other website designer businesses. They will share so much, from how to structure your template shop to their client’s processes and lots of more expert knowledge that you wouldn’t have access to, unless you paid for each of their trainings. In addition, you get to interact and learn who are the well-established designers on the market.

Tips for making the best of Showit-All

Personal branding: I wish I had developed my branding before I started the course. It would have been much easier to develop and design my own website if I knew my brand identity. It’s not a deal breaker thou as you will get a more clear vision for your business the more you learn.

Share before you are ready: It’s crucial that you start to work on building a following as soon as you decide to provide website services. I wish I shared more of my journey even when I had nothing ready to provide my clients because I would have been in a much better position to continue to expand my network than starting from zero.

I hope this behind-the-scenes was helpful towards your decision. If you are curious, you can check my website projects on my portfolio page, they include my website, Bubbles and waves, and Abode in Santa Fe.

Ready to stop struggling alone? Signup for Showit-All with my affiliate link, use discount code: JULIANA100. Katie, only opens the course a few times a year, but make sure you get on the waiting list so you don’t miss out on the next launch.

Want a free month to try Showit before committing to the course? Use my affiliate link

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