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Why Your Website Needs Policies and Where to Get Them: Your One-Stop Guide

Why Your Website Needs Policies and Where to Get Them

Are you unsure about why your website needs policies? Do you want to know where to get them? If yes, you are in the right place! In this blog post, we will demystify the what, why, and how of website policies and end your confusion once and for all.

Why Do You Need Website Policies?

Let’s start with a story. Imagine you are a chef. You have a beautiful restaurant, and you have spent countless hours perfecting your menu. Now, you wouldn’t let your customers walk into your kitchen, would you? Because that’s your private space, where the magic happens.

Similarly, your website is your online ‘kitchen,’ and your website policies are the ‘sign on the door’ that outlines the rules for your ‘customers’ (website visitors).

Website policies cover various aspects from Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Service, to Disclaimer. These policies outline how you collect, use, and share visitor information. They also clarify the terms for using your website and limit your liabilities.

The Consequences of Ignoring Website Policies

Ignoring website policies can lead to legal troubles and hefty fines. For instance, in the US, the fines for non-compliance with state privacy laws start at $2,500 per infringement. Third-party tools like Google Analytics also require you to have a Privacy Policy.

Where to Get Your Website Policies?

Discover why having policies on your website is vital and where to get them.

Now that you understand the importance of website policies, let’s explore where to get them.

  1. Hire a Privacy Lawyer: If your budget allows, hire a privacy lawyer to write your website policies. They will also monitor privacy laws and update your policies as per changes in the laws.
  2. Use a Policies Template from a Lawyer: Websites like The Creative Law Shop and The Legal Paige offer policy templates that you can purchase and use.
  3. Termageddon: This is a comprehensive website policies generator. They update your policies when privacy laws change or new laws go into effect. I have licenses available if you need one, let me know.

Remember, adding policies to your website is a crucial decision. So, take your time to review your options before selecting the best route for your business.

When should you get Website Policies?

Immediately after you launch your website. It’s just an integral part of having a legit website.


Q: Why does my website need a Privacy Policy?

A: A Privacy Policy is required by law if your website collects personal information from visitors. This includes activities like filling out a contact form or tracking visitor activity via analytics.

Q: What is a Terms of Service Agreement?

A: A Terms of Service Agreement outlines the rules for using your website. It reduces the risk of website-related lawsuits by stating your responsibilities and liabilities.

Your Turn

Now that you’re more familiar with website policies, what steps will you take to protect your online ‘kitchen’? Remember, your website is a crucial part of your business, and it’s essential to treat it with the same care and respect as any other part of your business.

As part of my commitment to ensuring your website is fully equipped and compliant with necessary policies, I offer the following services:

Termaggeddon Licenses: I offer licenses for Termaggeddon, a comprehensive website policies generator that stays up-to-date with privacy laws. This service is available at a cost of $119 per year.

Website Policies Setup: For those who need assistance in setting up their website policies, I provide a one-time setup service for a fee of $100.

You can fill-out this website policies form to get started.

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