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Captured by Cristie Media Co. Launches a New Website

Captured by Cristie Media Co. Launches a New Website

MADISON, AL, April 5th, 2024

Focused on capturing your most precious moments, local branding and events photographer Captured by Cristie Media Co. LLC has just unveiled a completely revamped website with significant enhancements in showcasing her work, detailing service packages, and improving overall customer experience.

“I’m SO excited and I just can’t hide it!!,” said Cristie, founder of Captured by Cristie Media Co. LLC. “the most beautiful new website EVER for Captured By Cristie, LLC and finally, it is DONE and it is BEAUTIFUL!! “

Captured by Cristie Media Co. Launches a New Website

Offering an exclusive selection of photography packages, the Captured by Cristie website now details each service meticulously, ensuring clients understand what each package entails. Each service is explained clearly, allowing clients to choose the package that best suits their needs. Here are some of the services your can browse from;

In addition, Cristie’s passion for photography extends beyond capturing beautiful images; she actively uses her craft to make a positive impact in her community and support meaningful causes. You can now see which Philanthropic work she has been involved in, and how to get Cristie to be part of your project by filling out a collaboration form.

An exciting feature on the new website is the detailed showcase of Cristie’s previous work. Clients can now view various samples of her photography and get a feel for the style and quality of work they can expect. This feature allows clients to visualize the potential of their own photoshoots, and provides inspiration for their own sessions.

The overall client experience is enhanced with additional interactive features on the website. Clients can now:

To start exploring the new Captured by Cristie website, go to

Captured by Cristie Media Co. Launches a New Website

About Captured by Cristie Media Co. LLC

Captured by Cristie Media Co. LLC is a premier local branding and events photographer in Madison, AL. With exclusive photography packages and a keen eye for capturing moments, Captured by Cristie offers clients exactly what they need – professional photos that capture their brand, event, or personal moments perfectly. Since launching, Captured by Cristie has successfully established itself as a leading local brand, with impeccable customer service and unmatched quality. For more information, visit Captured by Cristie on our website.

It was a pleasure working with Cristie on this project. If you are a photographer looking to revamp your website, feel free to contact me to see if we are a good fit.

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