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5 Showit Website Designers You Should Meet Before You Create Your Website

This is a feature post that introduces and highlights the unique talents and specialties of five Showit website designers.

In honor if recently applying for Showit Partner Program, this week I wanted showcase 5 talented Showit Website Designers that have helped shaped my journey as a Showit Website designer.

As a Showit design partner, you’re not just a designer, you’re a scholar too! You are tested on the nitty-gritty of the platform, and your designs will get a gold star from the Showit team for their quality and adherence to guidelines. The cherry on top? You might get a prime spot on the Showit website and a chance to showcase your template designs in the Showit marketplace.

But wait, it’s not a cookie-cutter club! All Showit design partners are unique, each with their own magic touch that they excel at. And I’m just the guide you need to navigate this talent pool. If you’ve been like Goldilocks, trying to find a Showit website designer that’s just right for your next website, stay tuned. You’re about to meet some splendid ladies and their breathtaking work.

Meet Jennifer

Showit webdesigner and owner of Jenny Laine Designs

Jennifer has been walking on this journey with me from the beginning and we are truly great friends. Her special gifts for learning all the things in such a short amount of time really shows on her well rounded list of services. They spam from blogging services to complex wordpress builds to beautiful Showit designs. Her designs are as unique as the businesses they represent. You can check her portfolio here.

Meet Katie

Owner & Lead Designer at Rebel and Rise

Katie is the OG Showit know it all. She has created a curse, which I reviewed here, that has thought me and continue to help me improve my skills in Showit. Katie works with other designers as a Showit Developer and does all the difficult stuff behind the scenes that most other designers just rather pass it along to her majesty. Her support through my journey has been priceless. You can check her unique designs here.

Meet Abigail

Owner & Showit Website Designer at Abigail Dyer Design

Abigail and I may not be on a first-name basis just yet, but let me tell you, she’s been giving my SEO game a run for its money since she planted her designer boots in my town! But hey, who doesn’t love a good challenge? There’s a certain thrill to keeping up with her top-tier SEO savvy. Plus, her knack for whipping up gorgeous designs in just 2 weeks is nothing short of impressive. Don’t just take my word for it, have a gander at her portfolio here.

Meet Ingrid

Owner & Creative Director of Penguin Designing

Ingrid’s specialty is creating e-commerce and membership websites that are modern and clean, complete with a polished user experience that covers even the littlest of details. Her San Diego-based business has been focusing on branding and web design for the past 6 years. Her e-commerce + Showit blend mentorship has been a great addition to my business. She is my go to e-commerce know it all, and you can check her work here.

Meet Juliana

Owner & Showit Website Designer at PiperMache


As the author of this post, I specialize in creating custom Showit websites that are not only beautiful but are also work-horses with highly optimized SEO. With a background in both design and marketing, I understand the importance of a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and user-friendly. My favorite part of creating a web design is to navigate through your customer’s mind and create a path of visual experiences for them. You can check my website design services here.

Have a question about the Showit platform or looking for a Showit website designer for a particular niche? Reach out and I would love to help!

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