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Free download for Summer calendar

free summer calendar

free summer calendarI am a visual person and I needed to have all of my Summer plans in one page calendar.

I wanted to be able to see what’s coming ahead after the long unpredictable year we’ve had. I looked everywhere but I didn’t find one where I could organize all of the Summer camps by week.

I took the time to created my own and make it available to you. I used happy colorful boxes so that I remember to feel joy when I look at it, and I hope that’s what you feel too.

. This one page calendar includes the months of May, June, and July.  It’s divided by weeks, so you can clearly see which camp or family trip is going to happen each week. Feel free to download your free copy HERE

After the crazy long quarantine we’ve had, I am looking forward to having a more predictable Summer with the kids.

What are your plans for Summer?



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