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Bubbles and Waves template was designed witha beautiful modern and historic short-term rental in mind. it's perfect for you to customize for your own rental. It's has 7 different sections on the landing page to help your guests make a quick decision and book you.5 different Pages: Landing, House Rules, Booking, Gallery, Must-see. This design is meant to highlight what makes you standout from others and guide them through a quick buying decision. 

Features include:

✔   Landing page with 6 sections
✔   5 different Pages: Landing, House Rules, Booking, Gallery, Must-see.
✔   interactive testimonials section
✔   Easy Booking integration
✔   how to edit video training

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Short-term Rental

 To the next level!

You can upgrade your template by adding special sections to make your customer experience even better! You can add as needed, so make sure to check the add-on pages available. 

upgrades available

I created a training video to help you customize each section of the template. I will guide your throughout the entire process!

help with editing

Space to place your logo on top of your website will help your customers to quickly recognize and know your brand.


Having an interactive testimonial Section will help your potential client spend more time learning about you. It has 6 different views already built for you to copy and paste your testimonials. 

interactive testimonials

Built-in message form, so they can get in contact with you directly.

built-in message form

Understand the purpose behind each section of your website so that you can best place your information and simplify the buying process.

section guide

what makes this template effective selling tool?

- Karla Schiver

"This template has been very helpful with my Summer Swimming classes. I've been able to gather interested customers throughout the year."

- Katherine Bennett

"I'm so happy I bought this product. Immediately, all my questions were answered and I was able to finally get the clarity and results I was looking for. Thank you!"


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